Tuesday, November 16, 2010


~*~ le sigh ~*~

vacation has come and gone...lots of great food!

except i think my aunt cooked some unfresh shrimp for me my last day of vacation and now i'm suffering from it =(
bad bad really bad rash =(

i'm also not adjusting back to LA sleeping schedule yet =/
maybe this whole business of getting old isn't as easy as i thought...
i always thought people who said they can't do certain things anymore because "they're getting old" was just a bunch of  poop.  where's our willpower?!! where's our internal strength?!!
guess it evaporates as time continues to fly by =P

on a not so great note: my camera started to poop on me too during the vacation...when i open the lense to shoot - the whole camera starts vibrating! =/
am kind of wanting to get this camera Sony TX9 cuz i like how it will auto blur the background for you ^.^
sooo great for product pictures!!

LOL but...I really need to be more reasonable with what I spend on now...

My camera isn't officially broken yet...so there is no need to be spending money on the camera..but will be drooling over the defocus setting ^.^

no picture posts today =/
am thinking to start making some over Thanksgiving...
i am going to try to focus...focus on a certain "theme" and just concentrate on not making such a big/broad variety of items.  i thought making a larger variety of item would be better [as consumers...aren't we supposed to like stores that give us a lot of different options? guess i am suffering now since my marketing professor didn't teach for cr*p...]

so look forward to a better post with pictures next time! =)

Monday, October 11, 2010

[RE]Starting Anew

Alright..so the Etsy-versary sale...............not so great...
lets not wallow in the pity party..

There are lots of creative ideas flowing through me still and I would love to twist them all out every night as I used to. I've found that..sadly..I can't stay up as late as I used to =(
I actually get REALLY tired during the day!

So after July/August I basically just enjoyed after-work life as I probably would have if I never indulged in my..sparkling creativity.
Except now I find myself in a weird relationship with sleep. The more I've had of it...the more I want of it!
Kind of reminds me the relationship some individuals experience with chocolate or other foods haha

Now in early October I find myself with a small fire to re-start some of the sparkling creativity again. This was fire was stoked by the wedding of Jennifer and Joey Cu. I made her bridesmaid jewelry - matching set of Violet cube earrings + necklaces as seen here =)

The necklace was something creative I came up - though it wasn't originally what the bride had wanted...I think the finished product looked great with the bridesmaid.  I'll need to stalk the newlyweeds photo's for bridesmaid pictures to show you how the finished products looked on them =P

My brother officially moved out and I'm able to use his room as my "hobby craft room" with some limitations. His bed still takes up a good 1/3 of the room. Another slight problem...I still prefer to craft in my room..hmm =\
I think its because of the lighting structure in his room...which means I'll need to get more stuff aiyaya....its a never ending cycle.
My room has slightly improved as I already moved most of the jewelry supplies over...I think I need to move my paper crafts over as well.
I think the problem is that I currently don't have a TV / computer in my brother's room...and being a product of the internet (late bloomer...but whatever lol) I find myself still needed to be hooked online...if not at least multi-tasking watching TV and crafting. Though...it really slows me down some =/

Have I mentioned yet how much I really want to save for a kiln =) start using some Art Clay!
oooooh do I really want to use one and start creating crazy cool stuff!!!
Oh the things I want to make!! but this actually requires more than just a kiln...I'll need to get the croc pot to boil the cleaning solution...bristles...
the things our hobby makes us do =( lol
not to mention the art clays themselves are not cheap either!

Lastly - some cool fun news~
I'll be [finally] visiting HK =) With a side trip to Taiwan! yahooie!  I made a deal/promise to myself to take those professional studio pictures before i hit 30...and it looks like I'll at least get to cross this off my list of "must do" =)
I can't wait!!
Though the ridiculous "fashion" trends require that i sacrafice my other over-indulgence i've developed recently...an over indulgence for my need to try things greazy and artery-clogging!

Sorry I know I'm always all over the place when I blog/write...thanks for focusing and reading all the way through!
I will try to blog before my trip!!

until next time~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Etsy Year 01 in review...

With my wild imaginative goals and limited photography skills on a sultry hot mid July afternoon in 2009..I said to myself: "OK! TODAY WILL BE THE DAY! I've got my name registered since MARCH darnit! I need to start listing stuff on ETSY to get my name out!"

The giddy excitement envelopes me as I list item after item not giving a care with regards to the quality of the pictures...."hey as long as its not terribly blurry you can still see what it is!" i thought to myself...
I sat back...looked at my shop profile nodded my head and smiled coyly..."good job self...GOOD EFFIN JOB!"

Later that evening..thinking I'd just check up to see how things with this ETSY website were going......WHOA MAMA I really DID get my first sale on my VERY first day of selling!! Boy did I kick myself for not starting to sell earlier!


the excitement wore off fast as it became a slow...painful...pride-hurting..obsessive-compulsive depressing daily reminder and realization that.....THERE ARE LOOOAAADS OF JEWELRY SELLERS OUT HERE!!! LIKE OMG!

Etsy...its been a love hate relationship over this past year...I've put sooo much time and energy into you! More so than my own craft!! I've tried to talk nice..I've tried to threaten you by leaving........I've even....*gasp*....\\dramatic pause//.....BEGGED YOU!

But alas...you have shown me the error of my ways...I'm trying to learn some new things and trying to find my little bit of creative edge here on EtsyLand
Number 1 is trying to improve my photog skillzzzz
Number 2 time management...WHY oh WHY must I get physically tired and drained if I've slept less than 3-4 hours a night?!
Number 3 money management (heh...still in process...so far this likes like an F for me)
Number 4 keep creating...stop obsessing!! \\rolls eyes// easier said then done!!

But in the end I would say year 01 has been very important to me...it was a much needed stepping stone for me and here's to looking forward to all the new things to come(hoping this means new "studio room" as well more sales *evil grin*)!!

ONWARD HO!!!! YEAR 02!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>BOTTOM LINE<<<<<

ok slight self promotion here..

Since I have been officially selling on ETSY for an year (July 18) I thought and pondered...what can I do so that others can be just as excited for me for achieving this fantabulous milestone?

Why...I'll have me one of those "special sales"!!! That's what I'll do!!!

To show the ever growing maturity (most of the time) and continued dedication to learning photography instead of jewelry making......(though it should be the other way around?) I offer you this....
between July 8th to July 28th

****FREE SHIPPING for all orders international and domestic!
****For every $50.00 spent you will also get to pick your very own FREE swarovski cube OR bicone earrings pick ANY from this section: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sesamebijoux?section_id=6617549 !!

come on over to http://www.etsy.com/shop/sesamebijoux take a look...browse around =)

no joke!! Most items can ship next business day!

Thanks for reading the lil blurb about my first experience with Etsy =) You all get a special hug for that (((HUGS)))

now go and look around!! =D http://www.etsy.com/shop/sesamebijoux

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 - June


So May I was quite busy setting up the babyshower for the bf's friend~
I'll upload some pix below~

It was a really nice shower in a tea room here in Pasadena. The food was absolutely delicious! I was sooo surprised! Normally I'm a big bread/sandwich person...but wow...never had I had tea with sandwiches that tasted this amazing!!!! XD
I'm in love
SCONES were to DIE for!

I've tried to stick to the 2 sale-a-month...but that idea seemed to translate better offline than online =P

Mother's Day came and no sales online but definetly offline!

Also I bit the bullet and ordered what I thought were decent beads that normally I would think twice or thrice before purchasing due to the price...but I have to say......price really does make a difference!

eep no time to upload pix sorry...will try to do this at home ^.^

Friday, April 9, 2010

April's already here - new styles/creations please feedback!

Wow April is here...its hard to believe...my real anniversary with ETSY is in August...and I'd really like to start my year 2 with a medium (trying to be sensivle here) bang! =D

I'm trying to move some of the beads I've not used (and perhaps will not be using in the future) on ETSY...I'd like to move them out fast so I can maybe clear a lil bit of space...
I've posted most of them up...so far it doesn't seem like my beads are as popular...(makes one wonder why I even purchased them in the first place huh?)
Honestly I was going for the unique bulky bead look...but my wire wrapping skills perhaps have not yet reached the level I had thought they were =P

so if you've got some talent with wiring...or if you know of anyone who likes big bold beads...please check out my etsy (http://www.sesamebijoux.com/ the link directs you to my ETSY shop).

Also I'd like to announce I'm having a 25% off sale for upcoming Mother's day. I'm (as usual) looking to move some of my already made jewelry off to nice homes so that I can really have some room to put some of my more creative stuff..
I'd like to get your feedback if possible about this new venture...let me know what you think of the price and if the creation is just not a good "to-sell" item...please be honest if you can =)

paper star earrings with gems or swirls...what do you think? yay or nay? (what about the price?)

the one with just the wire i think is really cute and casual...i've got to perfect the wiring part so this one will go fairly cheap...only $4.00

Then the ones with the gems will be bit more expensy...depending on how many gems and how complicated the wiring process was...
again...i welcome any and all thoughts!!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

April = New Beginnings?

So after the depressing fair...as expected I took a week off of creating...physiclaly.

Mentally I could not stop myself from coming up with all sorts of new crazy ideas...I've yet to really begin creating them as I'm preparing for a 3-day cruise with my girlfriends =)

I'm also waiting for some items to arrive...and still need to kind of prepare for different designs and what not...but here are pictures of the 2 that I'm "testing" for now.

These have gotten more views combined than another other new item i've ever debuted...so it can be a good sign =)

I'm unsure with the pricing...my mama (of course naturally) thinks with my own personal labor I should be charging more....but realisitically i don't know if I can...there is a point of no purchase and I don't want to price it at that point...

What do you think? please do give me your honest opinion...I am testing/creating a few more different styles with the stars (in different colors and different wire-wrapping).

I believe I mentioned that I wish my Marketing professor really taught instead of just rely on us reading the book - I could have really benefitted from it...but I do remember reading somewhere about a niche product...and I hope I've hit something (or will find it soon)!

I'm so bored at work....=/

Sunday, March 14, 2010

On second thought...

New goal for March - April::

Stratigic pricing on ETSY

And that is all I will be updating tonight. G'nite everybody!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre-Pink Parlour

Verily excited now about The Pink Parlour show/event =)

Waiting 7 more hours so I can go home and work on the displays!
Well I actually need to go Target too...maybe I'll go during lunch =)

I'm featured in a giveaway here: http://gotalottogive.blogspot.com/2010/03/excellent-earring-giveaway.html

I finally finished all the tagging - and I counted about 250 items!!!
Sounds like a lot...but if you consider that you can display 30 - 50 in 1 display...and that display is probably only 6 - 10 inches of space....I've got loooots of space on my 8ft table =(

Unforeseeable benefit to tagging first:: Now I know what items I should make extras of! =) So I'll be "last-minute" creating tonight and tomorrow =)

I'm not asking for a miracle...but I am asking for some greens =)
and lots of
love hahaha

Am also anticipating when the event will be over and I can probably get in an extra hour or so of sleep per night XD

on the bright side...I've been addicted to HOUSE and HOUSE and his team are keeping me entertained while I'm creating =)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Madness - literally

So while I'm getting ready for thepinkparlour fair...of course all these creative thoughts are flowing through my head non-stop...

So many more types of earrings I want to make...but darnit I was only born with 2 arms/hands!!!
I haven't had time to even take pictures of any of the earrings i've made...but I really should just as a kind of record-keeping of what styles i've made =/

I got my seller's permit this week - exciting
Having to deal with the sales tax stuff? - not looking forward to it....
I am having butterflies just thinking about the fair next Sunday...
What will the civilians think of my stuff?
Will I get any sales?
And then of course I'm thinking about prices, decorating (how to decorate the table), and the many more stuff I need to do....
I need to ink/stamp my boxes - still need to get 1 or 2 more mirrors - how am I going to set-up the displays and what decor pieces can I get?
There are still a few more styles of earrings I wanted to make...and hope to be able to get that done this weekend =/

Next week I will be focusing on tagging and prices...

Online news - I completed my first online custom order!
It was fun and also a bit stressful (never realized how easily stressed I am...I may not talk/show it...but I bottle it up all inside I guess...)

Right now at work all I can think about is--> Can't wait 'till I get home...lets soo how many pairs I can make tonight! Lets see how it turns out!

Just a little BTW - I made about 560 earrings from when I started in mid 2009 'till now....
I had no idea I made so many!
So...jewelry/selling god....please please please let me sell a good amount of my sparkley shinies! I am a loyal customer to the economy and can guarantee that I will definetly be contributing to helping the economy go up!!!!

I wish I can go home after completing my work stuffs...I really do =(
I am desperate enough that I don't care if I take unpaid leave....LOL!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February ~results

Its the end of the week and I've got some time to blog.......at 1130 PM
I know =(
...and by the way....what happened to being able to add colors to my blog txt? =(

At work they have officially announced that they are tracking our internet usage. So..I this means I should decrease the time I am online (which is of course when I do lots of SesameBijoux stuff....because when I get him I am mostly creating and snapping pictures...no time to search/type!!)
Alright - before I continue with SesameBijoux stories I need to add here that I think its ridiculous if they will be "punishing" me or warn me of my internet usage. I admit that like most people I am surfing the net a lot during work hours...but let me tell you....it is my saviour.

Not only does it help pass the time away and allow me to get some SesameBijoux stuff done...
the noise level in our department is quite outrageous at times. And I personally and someone that can get really annoyed with little things. For example if someone talks in a certain way...and...it kind of bothers me - i get really frustrated and annoyed and then my mood goes from high heaven to low hell..
i'm sorry - its mean and i can't help it
i am not trying to be racist/discriminating...but there are some people with annoying voices or some people with an extra loud way of talking....and I just can't stand it.
I listen to internet radio a lot because of them. Yes I have an ipod but its been the same 300 songs for the past few years....

Secondly I want to point out that I get my work done. I am never behind and I'm normally waiting on OTHERS so that I can complete MY task.

So should I get in trouble for using working hours to update my blog/facebook? I admit that maybe I can be told to use less lol I won't blame them on that. But if they threaten to take away my internet radio.......I will be mad.
I also use youtube to listen to songs...sometimes the same 5 songs are repeated over and over and over again...kind of annoying...besides on youtube you are actually exposed to more songs...different types of songs too...

Anyways...sorry for the long rant...lets look at some recent pretties that I've made...

Below are 2 of my current faves of the moment:
Citrine teardrop with what I call "toppings" of Labradorite.
This one is really cute - I know I'm not the only ones making these....but they're really fun to make/look at so I couldn't resist following the trend with these. They really to make the gemstone (an already sparkley treat) shine so much more.
Labradorite is also more famously called "moonstone"

This pair is a really cute one that I've been wanting to make for a long time. The wires I've had were too thick so I finally got the "courage" to spend more on wires (I'm trying to save up =/ which is soooo hard. Like trying to tell a baby not to cry for food....lol) So this pair was finally made - just in time for St. Patricks holiday too!

So an update with February goals::
I have no idea whats going on with the baby shower. With me being busy with trying to mass produce some jewelry....and keeping new items on my several different accounts
And the mother-to-be I imagine is...just focusing on getting the house baby-ready...we haven't talked to each other in 2 weeks.....
After thepinkparlour is over - I will be able to focus my attention on her baby LOL!

February sales - (so this could also be partial reason as to why I've not posted yet...lol) Last week and this week have been no sales - but I honestly should not be complaining AT ALL. Seeing that my past sales were zip to none in a 20-day period...I've very very happy with February sales.
I've read on the forums that February is supposed to be a slow month...so really I am grateful! (Then again....the other side of me is thinking...Nov - Dec were supposed to have been a busier month and it really wasn't....but I'm a true true newbie at crafting and online selling so the nicer side of me is taking over and trying to get my mean side to be more appreciative)

My uhm...organization is...back to no good again because I'm trying to use up some of the "older" beads I've had.
I'm trying to use the older beads for thepinkparlour - so that...you know.....next shopping spree I'll have some room to....fullfill hahahahahahahahahaha....

March goals:
>>Sell a lot at THEPINKPARLOUR<<
but really before this I need to focus on my uhm...display-ing technique. I have a few items...but nothing snazzy. If I really want to display my SesameBijoux as a really simple but classy name...I need to figure out how I'm going to display my items.
I love modern looking things...but I also love cutesy girly things... and with what budget I have...I don't know what I can afford at the moment and I hope the happy willing customers at thepinkparlour will be forgiving in that sense =) In fact I hope they are more focused on my jewelry instead of my uh...non-matchy and off-looking jewelry display holders/case
I'm going to try to purchase beads (and if possible...wires and etc) only 4 times a year. This means I'll need to focus on the upcoming holidays...I'll need to really consider what I want to make.
I love my star earrings - and will be trying to look for more and different stars..
>>Permit? License<<
This will all be figured out early March - and if I do get the permit/license...then I really have no excuse NOT to try my hand and try to sell my pretties at other fairs or farmer's market.
Wish me luck with all the tax things that may be associated with it though =( =/

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February - week 2

As we are approaching (or have approached) the middle of the month...I'm very very happy, excited and pleased at my little tiny shop o sparkles =)

Firstly to announce is that I have been accepted to exhibit at a small local craft fair! Yes yes accepted...I had to apply! I had to submite 2-3 photos of items I will be featuring (ok ok...so I bombarded the poor lady with like 6 or 7 of my photos instead lol) and I mailed in my money order last week!
I hope the lady will at least let me know she got my money =( I know they're busy and all...but a little bit more attention on the response would be nice =X

So this exhibit will be in March and since the middle of last week - of course inspiration and motivation hit me hard like a bug on a windshield...
yay for inspiration and motivation!
a tad "eeeek" for stress and unexpectedness XD

this is the website for the fair
special thanks to dear Evelyn for informing me =)
The price to exhibit is also fairly decent...so I hope everything goes well!!! I can't wait!

So lets get on with my goals.

Half way through the month and I think its safe to say that goal #2 will have to be replaced....
the mother-to-be is feeling....less creative and more.....hibernating haha
she is the one in charge...so sadly i won't be making any cute baby things or helping with invitations =(

goal #3
My pretty gems have arrived!
And thanks in part to the splatter of motivation I've had recently - my kind of side goal is to now use up as many of the old beads as I can.
I try to stick by FIFO (sorry inserting some accounting jargon here) first-in-first-out
but its most always first-in-first-forgotten!
So this goal is still a work in progress - =/

~~ wonderful goal #1 ~~
my amethyst star earrings got another love (purchase) this past weekend!
I am soooo happy!
I really think these earrings are just tooooo oh so cute and adorable! How can people resist them?!!! LOL
I've decided to make some extras for the exhibit as a kind of "free gift" with every so-and-so purchase =)
Best of all - these favorite earrings of mine were sold on the Lunar New Year Day (here in the states) so I hope that it is really telling me what will be in store for Sesame Bijoux in the year 2010 =) [or technically...lunar year of 4 thousand some odd years...]
I really can't ask for more =)
I know that I am just enjoying and relishing this past 2 weeks...soooo great for my little shop of sparkles...and (hopefully soon) there will be a time when I'm going to read back on this blog and go...wow...I sound really stupid lol
but for the moment...lets just think and live in the present =)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 February Week 1

*turns around*
Oh! Why hello there! Did the first week of February already pass?
Funny *scratch head* while at work...the days just kept on dragging and dragging...yet the weekend...wait...the weekend is over already?! uuuurgh

I did not have a very productive work-week apparently.....
no...let me take it back...i got quite far on Happy Island =) LOL!

ok ok...lets see my progress report =(
*childhood images of parents yelling and me crying suddenly filled my mind!*
*nervous eyes dart around room*
alright...lets start with my first goal:

>> 2-sales a month <<
I am so shocked that this goal has already been met in week one! I really really am pleased and happy. This has never ever happened to Sesame Bijoux before and Sesame Bijoux is/was very happy to see this last week.

I have a slight slight notion that this has to do with Relevancy Thursday on ETSY (default search results are changed from "how recent a seller posted the item you are searching for" to "how RELEVANT a seller's posted item is to your search term). Yes yes...I know a lot of people are thinking...well duh we SHOULD be searching by relevancy rather than recency....but...........those crazy ETSY workers want the look of your search to be "fresh". I say why not take away the defult-ness of it and just have the buyer SELECT IT ON HIS/HER OWN while typing their search? Don't have it defaulted to any one particular category (there is also a selection for search by cheapest and search by most expensvie)

To me it really does make sense to have the searches listed as %% relevant to what the buyer is looking for....but........................then ETSY wouldn't be making that much off of sellers who re-list items everyday.
I've tried to cut down my relisting to 2 times a week (though I re-list 2-3 items each time....)

ok...goal #2
>>my friend's babyshower<<
well...i think luckily the responsibility of it all is not going to rest entirely on my shoulders
it sounded like the mom-to-be wants to just have me help her with maybe pasting/triming of her invitations
which is is a relief to me =)

so maybe i should scratch this goal....and put in my re-listing idea...
hmmm.... *wheels in head start to turn*

goal #3
>>clean and re-organize<<

yea....so before i get to the progress of this goal (oh...did i just give away the fact that i haven't started on this goal yet? LOL)

ok...i haven't bought any new beads/silver in.............oh i'd say a good 2 months (i think this should be another goal-oriented item...cutting down purchases of supplies...)

last week i also finally folded and bought some much needed pearls and small gemstones (egads i know!!!! so expensy...)
and while i was buying the pretties...i need to buy the shinies....
so i folded and bought some silver too...

ok ok...so when they arrive later this week i will THEN reorganize my beads =)
*scouts honor*
i wasn't a scout...can i still use it?
ok how about pinky swear? i pinky swear to reorganize my beads when my new ones arrive =D

~*~*~*~* overall results *~*~*~*~

looks like i'm doing pretty good with my goals =)

i really am sooo afraid to look at my ETSY this week becuase you know that right now in my sad sad little brain i'm going to hope that relevancy Thursday is going to bring me another sale *the mini me in my head is jumping up and down chanting "oh please oh please ohplease!!!!! i've been such a good girl this week!" *

new new cute item of the week =)

Passion for purple earrings =) (all swarovski crystals, figure-8 sterling silver chain, sterling silver headpins, sterling silver wires and sterling silver earhook. Some reason a few people I know aren't fans of the swirls at the end of the beads...I like it though..I think it gives the entire piece a little extra shine/sparkle =) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40257140

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random thoughts for February~

It was cool chatting it up on the ETSY labs...I miss those chats and am sad that the critiques/help are on EST =(
But I also need to really re-focus on some of my pictures...so I guess I'm not really ready for Danielle to critique my shop haha...scary XD

My goal - other than hopefully upgrading to a 2-sale-a-month seller (lol) - is really start looking at some marketing venues...
I bought my own url finally - i think i purchased the 3 year (or was it 5?) from godaddy...and it works! (feel free to check it out
http://www.sesamebijoux.com/ ) now when i reprint my biz cards i can just use my own url instead. Less complicated for people like the bf who doesn't remember/know how to spell anyways LOL!

I also finally attended stamp camp..and it was really really nice having just an intimate group of my friends there. We chatted about anything and everything - got bak into card creativity (i'm still a "natural" crooked stamper though haha...some things won't change i guess...)

The funniest part was when we were all talking about the darn facebook app/games =_=
and ...if you are my friend on FB...SINCERE appologies for bombarding you with cafe world posts =( The reason I post is so my friends can get some "free food" for their restaurant...and I'm really just trying to be helpful and not spammy =(
I try to only post 2-3 times a day w/ cafeworld LOL

Angie's lil boy Tyler is soooooo cute cute cute! He was too tired yesterday and didn't pull me to play toys with him...but he slept in the room we were in and he soooo darn cute!
Speaking of babies - I think I'm still helping my friend with her babyshower....I thought of some really cute ideas...but.....I'm not sure how well the parents-to-be will like the idea...
I'm going to enlist Angie's help if it gets kind of out of hand........still need to open and try out my cricut LOL!

So my 2nd goat in February is try to get a theme (color and type) ready for the baby shower...get most of the preperations/organization down on paper or something....

So far the goals seem ok right? Not too hard.. I think goals should be something worthwhile and attainable. Real baby-steps...

V-day and Chinese New Year will be coming up fast!
I've learned my lesson from Halloween - holidays are not yet a good sale-time for me (on Etsy). I had no sales in October - no one purchased X-mas themed colored items either...

So for V-day I'm just listing (and re-listing) some pink items...a few girly ones...but still making/listing stuff with no real consideration of the holiday.
The holiday purchase-rush has not yet hit my store...

Last bijoux goal for me in Feb is to come up with a cool new design. My own unique niche (one of the few things I've learned in my marketing class...wish i had a better professor at the time too...). I think...I need to buy more sterling silver wires...but am very hesitant to becuase I spent so much in 2009....
I also need some good practice wires - which still won't be cheap....
I also can't find the gems I purchased in NY! =(
I had some pink topaz that weren't cheap!!!!

I guess that means my "real" last goal is to clean/organize my beads stuff better....~sigh~

I just found out my friend - whom I've known THE longest (though we don't really communicate anymore) was just engaged! Ok ok...a slight tangent to my personal side/beliefs....I'm very happy for her of course and wish her all the best. But I'm not one of those girls that wishes I could be next-in-line (to get married). I really am not...and sometimes I wonder if this is really because of my traumatic childhood (watching/seeing/hearing my parents argue) or if it is really just all in my head. I don't wanna get too much into the specifics of my relationship....but a lot of people have asked me what my response would be if my bf proposes to me "today". Lets say I hope he doesn't cry his eyes out LOL!!!!

I don't know if I'll ever feel that "ready to get married" feeling...or if this "phase of my life" will pass....

Again - sorry for my long rants...
Reward time!

~Re-pictured pretties~

Friday, January 22, 2010

Helloooo to everyone out in Blogger-land!

Testing testing =)

My first blog for 2010!
hmm...thinking of what style and how I should approach my blog...

I do have to make a quick note (if for the sake of myself reminding the future me where I was at this point in time) that recently I've come down with a slight depression again (happens quite often...monthly infact LOL so just ignore this lil rant here...i'll mark it in blue...a color i consider the enemy to my purple! Why? Because blue is so gosh-darn popular... BLUE BLUE BLUE! "mimicking Jan from Brady Bunch"
I get side tracked a lot sorry...

yes my depression - well...a few personal things going on....and eh...this isn't fun...

ok let me just talk about myself and why jewelry making.. =)

So - first question: WHY JEWELRY? ITS SOOOO SATURATED! ...I did not KNOW THIS! Ok, I did not know that there were already SO MANY fellow jewelry crafters out there. I really didn't think to consider the business side of jewelry making/selling. I am a VERY VERY picky person =( When I go to a store and look at the earrings displayed - I often want to change something about them. Its too long, or I didn't like the stones they used...or I wish that they didn't add or did add this/that...and here I am today - trying to make a mini side-biz out of my sparkling creativity [sparkle as in the items I make...not the as yet non-existant revenue..]

I also have to admit - making jewelry consumes a lot less space =) My good friend Lilo (http://liloshaggymoto.blogspot.com/) is definetly a card-making eeeeextrodinaire! She got me back into my love of creativity. Before working at the company where I met Lilo, I was very into crafty things too...without really realizing how much i love creating... I had knitting things I had needlepoint stuff... and honestly I liked painting BUT my HS art teacher snuffed that fire out right away... She basically told me (with grades not words) I have no artistic bud in my genes =) Wow huh? I liked dancing too...and oddly enough that same teacher was our HS dance teacher and held me back from going to the next level... and people complain that teachers don't inspire anymore............wait... this one didn't! (did i mention that i sometimes tend to add a bit of my sarcastic cynicism into my blog?)

anyways...sorry i said i get side tracked a lot right?

ok...so when I met Lilo she introduced me to this wooonderful wonderful lady and her once a month "stamp camps". I got hooked RIGHT AWAY! I naturally began spending hundreds on stamps and cardstock and ink and glitter...........and I love creating my cards (will post some of my favorites below) but I really just don't have the kind of space. I hate having to pack everything back up and unpack again when its the next birthday...so I would mass produce bday cards for the month of XXXXXX....

But this stamp camping lead me back to thinking how much I had wanted to learn how to make jewelry...if only I started a few years later.........but that's another story and another headache all together =)

Alright...ready for the next question?
I will apologize right now - if you've read this far...THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! hahaha
I like to write a lot and as you can see...digress alot as well...and I can really ramble on and on...I'm so not like this in person believe you me =)

Let - you get a reward for reading this far - less reading more seeing!
~TIME FOR PICTURES~ yahooooooo~~

I will post more earring pictures next blog =) But let me say that my current really really super duper favorite one is this Amethyst Star Earring though - so I'm going to give it a little plug right here: (its sooo cute)

you can find this item on my online ETSY store: www.etsy.com/shop/sesamebijoux

direct link to the earring: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=29963933

My favorite cards I made last year (btw: my cards are called "crookedstamping"...because as you can see...for the life of me I just can't stamp straight and didn't want to buy the L shaped ruler thing).

2 of my ALL TIME favorite cards have been...of course...for my mother =)
I made this V-day Card & Mother's Day for my mommy :hearts: