Friday, March 26, 2010

April = New Beginnings?

So after the depressing expected I took a week off of creating...physiclaly.

Mentally I could not stop myself from coming up with all sorts of new crazy ideas...I've yet to really begin creating them as I'm preparing for a 3-day cruise with my girlfriends =)

I'm also waiting for some items to arrive...and still need to kind of prepare for different designs and what not...but here are pictures of the 2 that I'm "testing" for now.

These have gotten more views combined than another other new item i've ever it can be a good sign =)

I'm unsure with the mama (of course naturally) thinks with my own personal labor I should be charging more....but realisitically i don't know if I can...there is a point of no purchase and I don't want to price it at that point...

What do you think? please do give me your honest opinion...I am testing/creating a few more different styles with the stars (in different colors and different wire-wrapping).

I believe I mentioned that I wish my Marketing professor really taught instead of just rely on us reading the book - I could have really benefitted from it...but I do remember reading somewhere about a niche product...and I hope I've hit something (or will find it soon)!

I'm so bored at work....=/

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  1. hi bobbie! i think they are unique and cute! just gotta make sure not wear them in the shower! haha.. keep inspiring! :)