Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre-Pink Parlour

Verily excited now about The Pink Parlour show/event =)

Waiting 7 more hours so I can go home and work on the displays!
Well I actually need to go Target too...maybe I'll go during lunch =)

I'm featured in a giveaway here:

I finally finished all the tagging - and I counted about 250 items!!!
Sounds like a lot...but if you consider that you can display 30 - 50 in 1 display...and that display is probably only 6 - 10 inches of space....I've got loooots of space on my 8ft table =(

Unforeseeable benefit to tagging first:: Now I know what items I should make extras of! =) So I'll be "last-minute" creating tonight and tomorrow =)

I'm not asking for a miracle...but I am asking for some greens =)
and lots of
love hahaha

Am also anticipating when the event will be over and I can probably get in an extra hour or so of sleep per night XD

on the bright side...I've been addicted to HOUSE and HOUSE and his team are keeping me entertained while I'm creating =)

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