Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Madness - literally

So while I'm getting ready for thepinkparlour fair...of course all these creative thoughts are flowing through my head non-stop...

So many more types of earrings I want to make...but darnit I was only born with 2 arms/hands!!!
I haven't had time to even take pictures of any of the earrings i've made...but I really should just as a kind of record-keeping of what styles i've made =/

I got my seller's permit this week - exciting
Having to deal with the sales tax stuff? - not looking forward to it....
I am having butterflies just thinking about the fair next Sunday...
What will the civilians think of my stuff?
Will I get any sales?
And then of course I'm thinking about prices, decorating (how to decorate the table), and the many more stuff I need to do....
I need to ink/stamp my boxes - still need to get 1 or 2 more mirrors - how am I going to set-up the displays and what decor pieces can I get?
There are still a few more styles of earrings I wanted to make...and hope to be able to get that done this weekend =/

Next week I will be focusing on tagging and prices...

Online news - I completed my first online custom order!
It was fun and also a bit stressful (never realized how easily stressed I am...I may not talk/show it...but I bottle it up all inside I guess...)

Right now at work all I can think about is--> Can't wait 'till I get home...lets soo how many pairs I can make tonight! Lets see how it turns out!

Just a little BTW - I made about 560 earrings from when I started in mid 2009 'till now....
I had no idea I made so many! god....please please please let me sell a good amount of my sparkley shinies! I am a loyal customer to the economy and can guarantee that I will definetly be contributing to helping the economy go up!!!!

I wish I can go home after completing my work stuffs...I really do =(
I am desperate enough that I don't care if I take unpaid leave....LOL!

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