Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February - week 2

As we are approaching (or have approached) the middle of the month...I'm very very happy, excited and pleased at my little tiny shop o sparkles =)

Firstly to announce is that I have been accepted to exhibit at a small local craft fair! Yes yes accepted...I had to apply! I had to submite 2-3 photos of items I will be featuring (ok ok...so I bombarded the poor lady with like 6 or 7 of my photos instead lol) and I mailed in my money order last week!
I hope the lady will at least let me know she got my money =( I know they're busy and all...but a little bit more attention on the response would be nice =X

So this exhibit will be in March and since the middle of last week - of course inspiration and motivation hit me hard like a bug on a windshield...
yay for inspiration and motivation!
a tad "eeeek" for stress and unexpectedness XD

this is the website for the fair
special thanks to dear Evelyn for informing me =)
The price to exhibit is also fairly decent...so I hope everything goes well!!! I can't wait!

So lets get on with my goals.

Half way through the month and I think its safe to say that goal #2 will have to be replaced....
the mother-to-be is feeling....less creative and more.....hibernating haha
she is the one in charge...so sadly i won't be making any cute baby things or helping with invitations =(

goal #3
My pretty gems have arrived!
And thanks in part to the splatter of motivation I've had recently - my kind of side goal is to now use up as many of the old beads as I can.
I try to stick by FIFO (sorry inserting some accounting jargon here) first-in-first-out
but its most always first-in-first-forgotten!
So this goal is still a work in progress - =/

~~ wonderful goal #1 ~~
my amethyst star earrings got another love (purchase) this past weekend!
I am soooo happy!
I really think these earrings are just tooooo oh so cute and adorable! How can people resist them?!!! LOL
I've decided to make some extras for the exhibit as a kind of "free gift" with every so-and-so purchase =)
Best of all - these favorite earrings of mine were sold on the Lunar New Year Day (here in the states) so I hope that it is really telling me what will be in store for Sesame Bijoux in the year 2010 =) [or technically...lunar year of 4 thousand some odd years...]
I really can't ask for more =)
I know that I am just enjoying and relishing this past 2 weeks...soooo great for my little shop of sparkles...and (hopefully soon) there will be a time when I'm going to read back on this blog and go...wow...I sound really stupid lol
but for the moment...lets just think and live in the present =)

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  1. So happy that you are finally able to show off your awesome jewelry! I can't wait to see what creations you will display at the event in March.. I will definitely have to save my $$ and try to get there early.. =) It's wonderful that you are realizing your dream. =)