Thursday, February 25, 2010

February ~results

Its the end of the week and I've got some time to 1130 PM
I know =(
...and by the way....what happened to being able to add colors to my blog txt? =(

At work they have officially announced that they are tracking our internet usage. So..I this means I should decrease the time I am online (which is of course when I do lots of SesameBijoux stuff....because when I get him I am mostly creating and snapping time to search/type!!)
Alright - before I continue with SesameBijoux stories I need to add here that I think its ridiculous if they will be "punishing" me or warn me of my internet usage. I admit that like most people I am surfing the net a lot during work hours...but let me tell is my saviour.

Not only does it help pass the time away and allow me to get some SesameBijoux stuff done...
the noise level in our department is quite outrageous at times. And I personally and someone that can get really annoyed with little things. For example if someone talks in a certain kind of bothers me - i get really frustrated and annoyed and then my mood goes from high heaven to low hell..
i'm sorry - its mean and i can't help it
i am not trying to be racist/discriminating...but there are some people with annoying voices or some people with an extra loud way of talking....and I just can't stand it.
I listen to internet radio a lot because of them. Yes I have an ipod but its been the same 300 songs for the past few years....

Secondly I want to point out that I get my work done. I am never behind and I'm normally waiting on OTHERS so that I can complete MY task.

So should I get in trouble for using working hours to update my blog/facebook? I admit that maybe I can be told to use less lol I won't blame them on that. But if they threaten to take away my internet radio.......I will be mad.
I also use youtube to listen to songs...sometimes the same 5 songs are repeated over and over and over again...kind of annoying...besides on youtube you are actually exposed to more songs...different types of songs too...

Anyways...sorry for the long rant...lets look at some recent pretties that I've made...

Below are 2 of my current faves of the moment:
Citrine teardrop with what I call "toppings" of Labradorite.
This one is really cute - I know I'm not the only ones making these....but they're really fun to make/look at so I couldn't resist following the trend with these. They really to make the gemstone (an already sparkley treat) shine so much more.
Labradorite is also more famously called "moonstone"

This pair is a really cute one that I've been wanting to make for a long time. The wires I've had were too thick so I finally got the "courage" to spend more on wires (I'm trying to save up =/ which is soooo hard. Like trying to tell a baby not to cry for So this pair was finally made - just in time for St. Patricks holiday too!

So an update with February goals::
I have no idea whats going on with the baby shower. With me being busy with trying to mass produce some jewelry....and keeping new items on my several different accounts
And the mother-to-be I imagine is...just focusing on getting the house baby-ready...we haven't talked to each other in 2 weeks.....
After thepinkparlour is over - I will be able to focus my attention on her baby LOL!

February sales - (so this could also be partial reason as to why I've not posted Last week and this week have been no sales - but I honestly should not be complaining AT ALL. Seeing that my past sales were zip to none in a 20-day period...I've very very happy with February sales.
I've read on the forums that February is supposed to be a slow really I am grateful! (Then again....the other side of me is thinking...Nov - Dec were supposed to have been a busier month and it really wasn't....but I'm a true true newbie at crafting and online selling so the nicer side of me is taking over and trying to get my mean side to be more appreciative)

My uhm...organization is...back to no good again because I'm trying to use up some of the "older" beads I've had.
I'm trying to use the older beads for thepinkparlour - so shopping spree I'll have some room to....fullfill hahahahahahahahahaha....

March goals:
>>Sell a lot at THEPINKPARLOUR<<
but really before this I need to focus on my uhm...display-ing technique. I have a few items...but nothing snazzy. If I really want to display my SesameBijoux as a really simple but classy name...I need to figure out how I'm going to display my items.
I love modern looking things...but I also love cutesy girly things... and with what budget I have...I don't know what I can afford at the moment and I hope the happy willing customers at thepinkparlour will be forgiving in that sense =) In fact I hope they are more focused on my jewelry instead of my uh...non-matchy and off-looking jewelry display holders/case
I'm going to try to purchase beads (and if possible...wires and etc) only 4 times a year. This means I'll need to focus on the upcoming holidays...I'll need to really consider what I want to make.
I love my star earrings - and will be trying to look for more and different stars..
>>Permit? License<<
This will all be figured out early March - and if I do get the permit/license...then I really have no excuse NOT to try my hand and try to sell my pretties at other fairs or farmer's market.
Wish me luck with all the tax things that may be associated with it though =( =/

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