Friday, April 9, 2010

April's already here - new styles/creations please feedback!

Wow April is here...its hard to real anniversary with ETSY is in August...and I'd really like to start my year 2 with a medium (trying to be sensivle here) bang! =D

I'm trying to move some of the beads I've not used (and perhaps will not be using in the future) on ETSY...I'd like to move them out fast so I can maybe clear a lil bit of space...
I've posted most of them far it doesn't seem like my beads are as popular...(makes one wonder why I even purchased them in the first place huh?)
Honestly I was going for the unique bulky bead look...but my wire wrapping skills perhaps have not yet reached the level I had thought they were =P

so if you've got some talent with wiring...or if you know of anyone who likes big bold beads...please check out my etsy ( the link directs you to my ETSY shop).

Also I'd like to announce I'm having a 25% off sale for upcoming Mother's day. I'm (as usual) looking to move some of my already made jewelry off to nice homes so that I can really have some room to put some of my more creative stuff..
I'd like to get your feedback if possible about this new venture...let me know what you think of the price and if the creation is just not a good "to-sell" item...please be honest if you can =)

paper star earrings with gems or swirls...what do you think? yay or nay? (what about the price?)

the one with just the wire i think is really cute and casual...i've got to perfect the wiring part so this one will go fairly cheap...only $4.00

Then the ones with the gems will be bit more expensy...depending on how many gems and how complicated the wiring process was...
again...i welcome any and all thoughts!!)