Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Etsy Year 01 in review...

With my wild imaginative goals and limited photography skills on a sultry hot mid July afternoon in 2009..I said to myself: "OK! TODAY WILL BE THE DAY! I've got my name registered since MARCH darnit! I need to start listing stuff on ETSY to get my name out!"

The giddy excitement envelopes me as I list item after item not giving a care with regards to the quality of the pictures...."hey as long as its not terribly blurry you can still see what it is!" i thought to myself...
I sat back...looked at my shop profile nodded my head and smiled coyly..."good job self...GOOD EFFIN JOB!"

Later that evening..thinking I'd just check up to see how things with this ETSY website were going......WHOA MAMA I really DID get my first sale on my VERY first day of selling!! Boy did I kick myself for not starting to sell earlier!


the excitement wore off fast as it became a slow...painful...pride-hurting..obsessive-compulsive depressing daily reminder and realization that.....THERE ARE LOOOAAADS OF JEWELRY SELLERS OUT HERE!!! LIKE OMG!

Etsy...its been a love hate relationship over this past year...I've put sooo much time and energy into you! More so than my own craft!! I've tried to talk nice..I've tried to threaten you by leaving........I've even....*gasp*....\\dramatic pause//.....BEGGED YOU!

But alas...you have shown me the error of my ways...I'm trying to learn some new things and trying to find my little bit of creative edge here on EtsyLand
Number 1 is trying to improve my photog skillzzzz
Number 2 time management...WHY oh WHY must I get physically tired and drained if I've slept less than 3-4 hours a night?!
Number 3 money management (heh...still in process...so far this likes like an F for me)
Number 4 keep creating...stop obsessing!! \\rolls eyes// easier said then done!!

But in the end I would say year 01 has been very important to me...it was a much needed stepping stone for me and here's to looking forward to all the new things to come(hoping this means new "studio room" as well more sales *evil grin*)!!

ONWARD HO!!!! YEAR 02!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>BOTTOM LINE<<<<<

ok slight self promotion here..

Since I have been officially selling on ETSY for an year (July 18) I thought and pondered...what can I do so that others can be just as excited for me for achieving this fantabulous milestone?

Why...I'll have me one of those "special sales"!!! That's what I'll do!!!

To show the ever growing maturity (most of the time) and continued dedication to learning photography instead of jewelry making......(though it should be the other way around?) I offer you this....
between July 8th to July 28th

****FREE SHIPPING for all orders international and domestic!
****For every $50.00 spent you will also get to pick your very own FREE swarovski cube OR bicone earrings pick ANY from this section: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sesamebijoux?section_id=6617549 !!

come on over to http://www.etsy.com/shop/sesamebijoux take a look...browse around =)

no joke!! Most items can ship next business day!

Thanks for reading the lil blurb about my first experience with Etsy =) You all get a special hug for that (((HUGS)))

now go and look around!! =D http://www.etsy.com/shop/sesamebijoux