Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 - June


So May I was quite busy setting up the babyshower for the bf's friend~
I'll upload some pix below~

It was a really nice shower in a tea room here in Pasadena. The food was absolutely delicious! I was sooo surprised! Normally I'm a big bread/sandwich person...but wow...never had I had tea with sandwiches that tasted this amazing!!!! XD
I'm in love
SCONES were to DIE for!

I've tried to stick to the 2 sale-a-month...but that idea seemed to translate better offline than online =P

Mother's Day came and no sales online but definetly offline!

Also I bit the bullet and ordered what I thought were decent beads that normally I would think twice or thrice before purchasing due to the price...but I have to say......price really does make a difference!

eep no time to upload pix sorry...will try to do this at home ^.^

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