Friday, December 7, 2012

2012 is almost over!!

~sigh~ please be patient with me/this blog as i make some adjustments...

where have i been in the past [almost] 2 years?!!!?!?!?!

a lot has been going on personally in the last 15 months actually.....but i'm finally at a happy place now [3 weeks out of the month anyways..hahaha]

as for the goals i had for photos..YES!!!!
the most surprising of all for me is that my [new] pictures are all taken by my camera phone!! very very little editing [edits only occur when the picture looks too tinted blue/red]!! =)

i have been looking for a new fancy smancy interchangeable lense camera...and was very close to purchasing one...but few individuals have told me that the pictures from my phone look that'll save me a few grand =)

[lighting = sunlight
phone type = HTC 4g slide
editing program = picasa]
when it comes to photography...i'd pref very little tools and editing please >.<

i've also gotten several new items out [] feel free to take a look pictures [most are new...still got a few old ones here and there..]

here are a few of my favs =)

one ince hoop - turquoise rondelles // argentium silver

blackberries!! - smokey quartz brios, sunstone rondelles, argentium silver

love this one - blue cherries!! blue glass beads with oxidized silver

very cute and sweet "starry night" - rose quartz stars, potato shape pearls, swarovski pearls with silver

love the contrast!! potato-shapped pearl w/ oxidized silver

as always...thanks for stopping by!!!! =)