Monday, October 11, 2010

[RE]Starting Anew the Etsy-versary sale...............not so great...
lets not wallow in the pity party..

There are lots of creative ideas flowing through me still and I would love to twist them all out every night as I used to. I've found that..sadly..I can't stay up as late as I used to =(
I actually get REALLY tired during the day!

So after July/August I basically just enjoyed after-work life as I probably would have if I never indulged in my..sparkling creativity.
Except now I find myself in a weird relationship with sleep. The more I've had of it...the more I want of it!
Kind of reminds me the relationship some individuals experience with chocolate or other foods haha

Now in early October I find myself with a small fire to re-start some of the sparkling creativity again. This was fire was stoked by the wedding of Jennifer and Joey Cu. I made her bridesmaid jewelry - matching set of Violet cube earrings + necklaces as seen here =)

The necklace was something creative I came up - though it wasn't originally what the bride had wanted...I think the finished product looked great with the bridesmaid.  I'll need to stalk the newlyweeds photo's for bridesmaid pictures to show you how the finished products looked on them =P

My brother officially moved out and I'm able to use his room as my "hobby craft room" with some limitations. His bed still takes up a good 1/3 of the room. Another slight problem...I still prefer to craft in my room..hmm =\
I think its because of the lighting structure in his room...which means I'll need to get more stuff aiyaya....its a never ending cycle.
My room has slightly improved as I already moved most of the jewelry supplies over...I think I need to move my paper crafts over as well.
I think the problem is that I currently don't have a TV / computer in my brother's room...and being a product of the internet (late bloomer...but whatever lol) I find myself still needed to be hooked online...if not at least multi-tasking watching TV and crafting. really slows me down some =/

Have I mentioned yet how much I really want to save for a kiln =) start using some Art Clay!
oooooh do I really want to use one and start creating crazy cool stuff!!!
Oh the things I want to make!! but this actually requires more than just a kiln...I'll need to get the croc pot to boil the cleaning solution...bristles...
the things our hobby makes us do =( lol
not to mention the art clays themselves are not cheap either!

Lastly - some cool fun news~
I'll be [finally] visiting HK =) With a side trip to Taiwan! yahooie!  I made a deal/promise to myself to take those professional studio pictures before i hit 30...and it looks like I'll at least get to cross this off my list of "must do" =)
I can't wait!!
Though the ridiculous "fashion" trends require that i sacrafice my other over-indulgence i've developed over indulgence for my need to try things greazy and artery-clogging!

Sorry I know I'm always all over the place when I blog/write...thanks for focusing and reading all the way through!
I will try to blog before my trip!!

until next time~