Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 February Week 1

*turns around*
Oh! Why hello there! Did the first week of February already pass?
Funny *scratch head* while at work...the days just kept on dragging and dragging...yet the weekend...wait...the weekend is over already?! uuuurgh

I did not have a very productive work-week apparently.....
no...let me take it back...i got quite far on Happy Island =) LOL!

ok ok...lets see my progress report =(
*childhood images of parents yelling and me crying suddenly filled my mind!*
*nervous eyes dart around room*
alright...lets start with my first goal:

>> 2-sales a month <<
I am so shocked that this goal has already been met in week one! I really really am pleased and happy. This has never ever happened to Sesame Bijoux before and Sesame Bijoux is/was very happy to see this last week.

I have a slight slight notion that this has to do with Relevancy Thursday on ETSY (default search results are changed from "how recent a seller posted the item you are searching for" to "how RELEVANT a seller's posted item is to your search term). Yes yes...I know a lot of people are thinking...well duh we SHOULD be searching by relevancy rather than recency....but...........those crazy ETSY workers want the look of your search to be "fresh". I say why not take away the defult-ness of it and just have the buyer SELECT IT ON HIS/HER OWN while typing their search? Don't have it defaulted to any one particular category (there is also a selection for search by cheapest and search by most expensvie)

To me it really does make sense to have the searches listed as %% relevant to what the buyer is looking for....but........................then ETSY wouldn't be making that much off of sellers who re-list items everyday.
I've tried to cut down my relisting to 2 times a week (though I re-list 2-3 items each time....)

ok...goal #2
>>my friend's babyshower<<
well...i think luckily the responsibility of it all is not going to rest entirely on my shoulders
it sounded like the mom-to-be wants to just have me help her with maybe pasting/triming of her invitations
which is is a relief to me =)

so maybe i should scratch this goal....and put in my re-listing idea...
hmmm.... *wheels in head start to turn*

goal #3
>>clean and re-organize<< before i get to the progress of this goal (oh...did i just give away the fact that i haven't started on this goal yet? LOL)

ok...i haven't bought any new beads/silver in.............oh i'd say a good 2 months (i think this should be another goal-oriented item...cutting down purchases of supplies...)

last week i also finally folded and bought some much needed pearls and small gemstones (egads i know!!!! so expensy...)
and while i was buying the pretties...i need to buy the shinies....
so i folded and bought some silver too...

ok when they arrive later this week i will THEN reorganize my beads =)
*scouts honor*
i wasn't a scout...can i still use it?
ok how about pinky swear? i pinky swear to reorganize my beads when my new ones arrive =D

~*~*~*~* overall results *~*~*~*~

looks like i'm doing pretty good with my goals =)

i really am sooo afraid to look at my ETSY this week becuase you know that right now in my sad sad little brain i'm going to hope that relevancy Thursday is going to bring me another sale *the mini me in my head is jumping up and down chanting "oh please oh please ohplease!!!!! i've been such a good girl this week!" *

new new cute item of the week =)

Passion for purple earrings =) (all swarovski crystals, figure-8 sterling silver chain, sterling silver headpins, sterling silver wires and sterling silver earhook. Some reason a few people I know aren't fans of the swirls at the end of the beads...I like it though..I think it gives the entire piece a little extra shine/sparkle =)

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  1. That's right! Get your sales! It's so possible! You work is beautiful and love the blog. I will be back for sure! Have a great day!