Friday, March 26, 2010

April = New Beginnings?

So after the depressing expected I took a week off of creating...physiclaly.

Mentally I could not stop myself from coming up with all sorts of new crazy ideas...I've yet to really begin creating them as I'm preparing for a 3-day cruise with my girlfriends =)

I'm also waiting for some items to arrive...and still need to kind of prepare for different designs and what not...but here are pictures of the 2 that I'm "testing" for now.

These have gotten more views combined than another other new item i've ever it can be a good sign =)

I'm unsure with the mama (of course naturally) thinks with my own personal labor I should be charging more....but realisitically i don't know if I can...there is a point of no purchase and I don't want to price it at that point...

What do you think? please do give me your honest opinion...I am testing/creating a few more different styles with the stars (in different colors and different wire-wrapping).

I believe I mentioned that I wish my Marketing professor really taught instead of just rely on us reading the book - I could have really benefitted from it...but I do remember reading somewhere about a niche product...and I hope I've hit something (or will find it soon)!

I'm so bored at work....=/

Sunday, March 14, 2010

On second thought...

New goal for March - April::

Stratigic pricing on ETSY

And that is all I will be updating tonight. G'nite everybody!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre-Pink Parlour

Verily excited now about The Pink Parlour show/event =)

Waiting 7 more hours so I can go home and work on the displays!
Well I actually need to go Target too...maybe I'll go during lunch =)

I'm featured in a giveaway here:

I finally finished all the tagging - and I counted about 250 items!!!
Sounds like a lot...but if you consider that you can display 30 - 50 in 1 display...and that display is probably only 6 - 10 inches of space....I've got loooots of space on my 8ft table =(

Unforeseeable benefit to tagging first:: Now I know what items I should make extras of! =) So I'll be "last-minute" creating tonight and tomorrow =)

I'm not asking for a miracle...but I am asking for some greens =)
and lots of
love hahaha

Am also anticipating when the event will be over and I can probably get in an extra hour or so of sleep per night XD

on the bright side...I've been addicted to HOUSE and HOUSE and his team are keeping me entertained while I'm creating =)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Madness - literally

So while I'm getting ready for thepinkparlour fair...of course all these creative thoughts are flowing through my head non-stop...

So many more types of earrings I want to make...but darnit I was only born with 2 arms/hands!!!
I haven't had time to even take pictures of any of the earrings i've made...but I really should just as a kind of record-keeping of what styles i've made =/

I got my seller's permit this week - exciting
Having to deal with the sales tax stuff? - not looking forward to it....
I am having butterflies just thinking about the fair next Sunday...
What will the civilians think of my stuff?
Will I get any sales?
And then of course I'm thinking about prices, decorating (how to decorate the table), and the many more stuff I need to do....
I need to ink/stamp my boxes - still need to get 1 or 2 more mirrors - how am I going to set-up the displays and what decor pieces can I get?
There are still a few more styles of earrings I wanted to make...and hope to be able to get that done this weekend =/

Next week I will be focusing on tagging and prices...

Online news - I completed my first online custom order!
It was fun and also a bit stressful (never realized how easily stressed I am...I may not talk/show it...but I bottle it up all inside I guess...)

Right now at work all I can think about is--> Can't wait 'till I get home...lets soo how many pairs I can make tonight! Lets see how it turns out!

Just a little BTW - I made about 560 earrings from when I started in mid 2009 'till now....
I had no idea I made so many! god....please please please let me sell a good amount of my sparkley shinies! I am a loyal customer to the economy and can guarantee that I will definetly be contributing to helping the economy go up!!!!

I wish I can go home after completing my work stuffs...I really do =(
I am desperate enough that I don't care if I take unpaid leave....LOL!