Friday, January 22, 2010

Helloooo to everyone out in Blogger-land!

Testing testing =)

My first blog for 2010!
hmm...thinking of what style and how I should approach my blog...

I do have to make a quick note (if for the sake of myself reminding the future me where I was at this point in time) that recently I've come down with a slight depression again (happens quite often...monthly infact LOL so just ignore this lil rant here...i'll mark it in blue...a color i consider the enemy to my purple! Why? Because blue is so gosh-darn popular... BLUE BLUE BLUE! "mimicking Jan from Brady Bunch"
I get side tracked a lot sorry...

yes my depression - well...a few personal things going on....and eh...this isn't fun...

ok let me just talk about myself and why jewelry making.. =)

So - first question: WHY JEWELRY? ITS SOOOO SATURATED! ...I did not KNOW THIS! Ok, I did not know that there were already SO MANY fellow jewelry crafters out there. I really didn't think to consider the business side of jewelry making/selling. I am a VERY VERY picky person =( When I go to a store and look at the earrings displayed - I often want to change something about them. Its too long, or I didn't like the stones they used...or I wish that they didn't add or did add this/that...and here I am today - trying to make a mini side-biz out of my sparkling creativity [sparkle as in the items I make...not the as yet non-existant revenue..]

I also have to admit - making jewelry consumes a lot less space =) My good friend Lilo ( is definetly a card-making eeeeextrodinaire! She got me back into my love of creativity. Before working at the company where I met Lilo, I was very into crafty things too...without really realizing how much i love creating... I had knitting things I had needlepoint stuff... and honestly I liked painting BUT my HS art teacher snuffed that fire out right away... She basically told me (with grades not words) I have no artistic bud in my genes =) Wow huh? I liked dancing too...and oddly enough that same teacher was our HS dance teacher and held me back from going to the next level... and people complain that teachers don't inspire anymore............wait... this one didn't! (did i mention that i sometimes tend to add a bit of my sarcastic cynicism into my blog?)

anyways...sorry i said i get side tracked a lot right? when I met Lilo she introduced me to this wooonderful wonderful lady and her once a month "stamp camps". I got hooked RIGHT AWAY! I naturally began spending hundreds on stamps and cardstock and ink and glitter...........and I love creating my cards (will post some of my favorites below) but I really just don't have the kind of space. I hate having to pack everything back up and unpack again when its the next I would mass produce bday cards for the month of XXXXXX....

But this stamp camping lead me back to thinking how much I had wanted to learn how to make jewelry...if only I started a few years later.........but that's another story and another headache all together =)

Alright...ready for the next question?
I will apologize right now - if you've read this far...THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! hahaha
I like to write a lot and as you can see...digress alot as well...and I can really ramble on and on...I'm so not like this in person believe you me =)

Let - you get a reward for reading this far - less reading more seeing!
~TIME FOR PICTURES~ yahooooooo~~

I will post more earring pictures next blog =) But let me say that my current really really super duper favorite one is this Amethyst Star Earring though - so I'm going to give it a little plug right here: (its sooo cute)

you can find this item on my online ETSY store:

direct link to the earring:

My favorite cards I made last year (btw: my cards are called "crookedstamping"...because as you can see...for the life of me I just can't stamp straight and didn't want to buy the L shaped ruler thing).

2 of my ALL TIME favorite cards have been...of course...for my mother =)
I made this V-day Card & Mother's Day for my mommy :hearts:

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