Tuesday, November 16, 2010


~*~ le sigh ~*~

vacation has come and gone...lots of great food!

except i think my aunt cooked some unfresh shrimp for me my last day of vacation and now i'm suffering from it =(
bad bad really bad rash =(

i'm also not adjusting back to LA sleeping schedule yet =/
maybe this whole business of getting old isn't as easy as i thought...
i always thought people who said they can't do certain things anymore because "they're getting old" was just a bunch of  poop.  where's our willpower?!! where's our internal strength?!!
guess it evaporates as time continues to fly by =P

on a not so great note: my camera started to poop on me too during the vacation...when i open the lense to shoot - the whole camera starts vibrating! =/
am kind of wanting to get this camera Sony TX9 cuz i like how it will auto blur the background for you ^.^
sooo great for product pictures!!

LOL but...I really need to be more reasonable with what I spend on now...

My camera isn't officially broken yet...so there is no need to be spending money on the camera..but will be drooling over the defocus setting ^.^

no picture posts today =/
am thinking to start making some over Thanksgiving...
i am going to try to focus...focus on a certain "theme" and just concentrate on not making such a big/broad variety of items.  i thought making a larger variety of item would be better [as consumers...aren't we supposed to like stores that give us a lot of different options? guess i am suffering now since my marketing professor didn't teach for cr*p...]

so look forward to a better post with pictures next time! =)

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