Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 ~ new beginnings again!

a customer from ETSY was kind enough to purchase TWO of my dragonflies!!

I was so happy - it really did help me rejuvenate and re-focus back on my jewelry.

so my 2011 resolution as/for Sesame Bijoux?
1. retake photos [again... ] this would be the 4th attempt.
2. for those that don't look up to par...i will have to re-do or just take it all apart and make a totally different looking pair.

i've also noticed....when i'm buying stuff online for my sesame bijoux...its also around the time when my sales come in =(

as much as i'd loke to test this theory with the only controllable variation being my shopping for beads...i just cannot do it.
when i'm ....light load [which will be often now that delaram is back]..i am so tempted to purchase stuff from people =/

what comes around goes around...wich i had more going around than i had more coming around LOL

will upload a few new pix up here as well...my favorites that is =)
but i am so sleepy...i can't function off of 4 hours of sleep...i need more =(

ok picture load time~


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  1. My my my...I thought you don't even keep up with blog world anymore...LOL Chop chop with the goodies for the pink parlour!!!